Feeling and Looking Better for Spring and Summer

As spring begins, the heavy jackets and thick layers begin to fade away. This leaves us with the hard decision to lose the winter weight. There’s no better time like springtime to get you ready for summer.

Close to 80% of weight loss and gain stems from what you eat. This doesn’t mean a hardcore diet, but simple substitutions in the food you used to enjoy could make a big difference.

Winter was a time for Christmas cookies, pumpkin pastries, candy and junk. Spring is the perfect time to add in more fruits and vegetables.


Consider swapping cereal for a fruit-mixed yogurt to cut a decent amount of carbohydrates.

Stick with a plain cup of coffee with a minimal amount of milk and sugar instead of a sugary latte from Starbucks with extra milk and syrup.

The less you add, the better. If you’re more of a grab-and-go kind of person, switch the Pop-tart for a granola bar.

Trade your burgers and heavy sandwiches for wraps and salads.

Turkey, grilled chicken and tuna are slightly more nutritious and much lower in cholesterol than red meats.

Remember to keep your carbs on the down low. Pasta is hard to burn off later in the day so keep your starch portions small and your vegetable portions large.

Staying Active

Go for a walk or find some friends to play a sport with. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a great tennis player. You’ll end up running around the court more than you thought and have a fun time with your friends.

Yoga is another great cleansing and toning method of exercise. You’ll feel your body becoming less tense and your breathing might even improve. It’s a great way to relieve stress and to practice your focus.

Though yoga isn’t the quickest way to shed  weight, you will gradually start to feel yourself slim down while toning each and every muscle in your body.

Other Tips

Drink plenty of water and take a multivitamin. Water is the key to keeping your digestive system on track and helps your metabolism work at its peak ability.

A multivitamin is a simple pill that contains a combination of the necessary vitamin supplements for the body. Multivitamins come in either chewable tablets or fruit flavored gummies, and are known to boost immune health.

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