10 Celebrities You Don’t Want to Piss Off

There are celebrities who are known to have notorious mean streaks. From smashing cars with umbrellas to social media mudslinging, you do not want to get on their bad side. Here are 10 celebrities with fear-inducing faux pas.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell libel damages

In 2000, the supermodel pled guilty to assaulting her personal assistant by hitting her in the head with a cell phone.

Charlie Sheen


After his highly publicized 2011/2012 meltdowns, you are definitely not “winning” if you get on Sheen’s bad side.

Mariah Carey

AMERICAN IDOL: Mariah Carey. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

Carey is known as the Queen of Shade, especially when it comes to fellow diva singers. She has been known to make icy statements about fellow female stars, including Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

Mel Gibson


Gibson is known to hate on many groups of people, but for some reason, he goes out of his way to insult Jewish people. After an arrest, he said that Jews were “responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Alec Baldwin


In 2007, Baldwin left his then 11-year-old daughter a voicemail calling her a “thoughtless, little pig.”

Perez Hilton


Though the celebrity blogger renounced his bullying ways before, the backhanded compliments on his website may be worse. He’s known to play favorites. If he’s a friend to a celebrity, everything written about them is generally nice.

But if he dislikes them, everything about them is negative. In 2012, everything about GaGa portrayed the singer in a negative light, alluding to a riff in their friendship. Now, he overly praises Madonna, Gaga’s musical nemesis.

Paris Hilton

Donald Trump,Rick and Kathy Hilton Honored at a Gala Dinner Benefiting the European School of Economics Scholarship Program at Ciprani E.42st

She may play sweet to the cameras, but her position as a social ringleader can cause people to either love or hate her. She’s known to go through friends like tissues. In 2006 and 2007, Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were best friends, but when their relationship ended badly, she made sure that Lohan’s name was tarnished in Hollywood.

Her good friend, Brandon Davis repeatedly called Lohan a “fire crotch” to the media, and Hilton was laughing by his side.

Lindsay Lohan


Where do we even begin? Aside from her addiction and criminal behavior, she is known to instill fear in those who cross her path. In 2007, she chased the mother of her former assistant in a car through the streets of Santa Monica. Apparently, she was upset that the assistant had quit her job. Of course the only natural thing to do is take out this aggression on the assistant’s mother.

Britney Spears


This pop princess is known to get a little crazy. In 2007, after a brief stint in rehab and shaving off all of her hair, she repeatedly hit a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella. Photos depict an enraged Spears scratching and denting the car after the photographer would not stop taking photos of her.

Oprah Winfrey


Let’s face it: if you get Oprah mad at you, the world will follow suit.

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