The Key To Surviving a Breakup: Friends

Going through a breakup is tough. Some people choose to lash out while others choose to pretend they’re fine. But the worst way you could go about it, would be to spend all of your time alone.

The key to surviving a breakup is to focus on the positive. Though you may not have your significant other anymore, you will always have friends by your side.

Be completely honest with your friends.
Even if you’re embarrassed about being dumped, your friends will understand the kind of anguish you’re going through. Tell them what happened, and remember that this is their job as your friends. You don’t have to apologize to them when you call them to vent about how upset you are. Just understand from the beginning that they get it.

Try to stay busy with your friends.
If you’re walking around the mall or seeing a movie, you don’t have time to sit and dwell over the facts of the breakup that will drive you crazy. Watch TV with your friends or play video games.

Hours of an intense cop show or playing the recent Madden NFL game will keep your mind off of it. Even if you’re not feeling motivated to leave the house, let your friends force you to get off your butt. They’re only thinking of your best interests.

Listen to your friends’ advice.
Some of them may have been through similar breakups or even worse. Different people have different viewpoints to share. If you were cheated on or dumped out of the blue, you may have a friend that already had to go through exactly that.

Even though breakups leave you feeling like there isn’t really anything that anyone can do or say to make you feel better, you’d be surprised to hear the wisdom that can be shed by those who can relate.

Fight the urge to speak to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
This is the hardest, but the most significant step. Unless there are extraneous circumstances in which you absolutely have to, do your best to stay away and cut off all communication for the time being. It would only make surviving the breakup harder.

Friends can come in handy for this situation because if you find yourself needing to talk about something, you have more than enough people to fill the void. Keep in mind, it’s their job.

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