Make this year’s composite photo one for books

Nothing is more daunting than a bad self-portrait except a bad self-portrait that is plastered on the wall.

Greek composites are like encyclopedias, displaying individual photographs of each initiated member, and often placed front and center.

These framed keepsakes are equally special every year so you want to be sure to look your best. Use these tips to be happy with the turnout!

Get a good night sleep.

A couple hours of sleep could be the only thing standing between you and a flawless photograph.

Avoid excessive yawning and baggy eyes by hitting the sheets an hour or two earlier. Not only will you feel rested, but you’ll look great too.

Enhance your best features.

Whether it’s your piercing eyes, high cheekbones or shimmering locks, your best features should be enhanced in a close-up photograph to make your unique beauty stand out.

Use a tad more eye makeup or a different hairstyle to show off your style!

Think happy thoughts.

It’s always helpful to think positively before taking a picture because it puts a genuine smile on your face.

If you’re having trouble, give your crazy best friend a call or listen to your favorite song – anything to relax the facial muscles and put you in a good mood.

Stand tall.

Good posture exudes confidence and slenderizes your entire face and figure.

You could be looking as radiant as ever but standing with your back slumped and head hung could ruin the entire image!

As long as you’re standing tall and holding your head high, you’ll be pleased with any photo.


Awkward school pictures are so last-year so make a comeback with your composite photos. The upcoming pledge classes will think you’re a knockout and your future self will be proud.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned when posing for all your other photos. As long as you follow these picture-taking techniques, the camera will love you!

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