Fashionable and Practical Gym Outfits

Deciding what to wear to the gym can be a hassle. Whether you like it or not, there is always the pressure to look your best but not overdone while you are working out. Here are some fashionable and practical ways to dress for your next workout session.

Sometimes it is all about the fabric.
Sticking with the classic shirt and shorts are perfect for the gym. Working with what you have at home is a great way to cut overspending. You do not need a bright sequined hoodie from Victoria’s Secret to run in. It can be distracting and the sequins can fall off.

DIY your outfits.
There are great online tutorials on how to DIY workout tanks for guys and girls. has a whole collection of cheap, fashionable workout clothes. Fun fact: the founder, Cassey Ho, is the creator of the popular saying, “train insane or remain the same” that is all over Pinterest.

Crop tops and bold colored leggings.
Now that spring is here, you can head outside for a nice run. Cropped tank tops or sweaters are great for showing off that toned stomach without looking too scandalous. On, they sell a ton of graphic crop tops and printed workout leggings. They range from plain color blocking to galaxy print. Now that is an eye catcher!

Neon neon neon
The gym is a great opportunity to whip out your neon running shoes or shorts. Try to wear a darker color to offset the boldness. The last thing you want is to distract someone from his or her workout. They are practical for exercising outdoors. This alerts any person operating heavy machinery to spot you immediately and to stay out of your way.

Your university or fraternity’s logos or colors are a great way to stay in trend.
What is more in style on campus than your extra-curricular activities? Workout clothes that display your school or Greek pride is a great way to use the massive amounts of clothes you have accumulated over the years. Wearing a team or Greek logo can be a great conversation starter with someone at the gym.

The gym can be one of the most sociable places on campus next to your dining hall or frat parties. It is a great way to show off any sense of casual style. Working out should not have to be boring. When you look better, you will feel better.

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2 Comments on Fashionable and Practical Gym Outfits

  1. I also put special efforts in my gym equipment, makes work-outs more enjoyable when you do them in style 🙂

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