Spring Into Television

We are in a really odd time for television. Some shows are coming to an end, while others are starting back up, with new premieres just around the corner.

With television timeslots changing like the seasons, it is difficult to keep everything straight. However, we’re here to help. Here is a list of shows that are ending, starting and premiering.


90210 (May 13)- The CW
The frothy and fabulous story of Beverly Hills’s most desired glitterati will be ending in May. Premiering in 2008, 90210 has had an impressive run of telling the melodramatic and memorable stories of California’s elite younger set. Starring Shenae Grimes and Tristan Wilds, the finale will surely leave audiences breathless.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (June 10)- ABC Family
The story of Amy Jergens and her seemingly always-getting-pregnant friends will end its most recent season in June. However, with these teens’ switching their sexual partners like musical chairs, the finale will be surprising.  Shailene Woodley continues to remain the talented focal point of this teen soap.

Starting (Back up!)

The Queen Latifah Show (Syndication)- Fall 2013
The Queen is back and she is better than ever. After getting cancelled in August 2001, Queen Latifah’s talk show will return to syndication in Fall 2013. Known popularly as a, “Dear Abby for the Hip-Hop Generation,” The Queen Latifah Show will return with its seamless mix of music, celebrity interviews and talking points. She’s in a completely different stage of her career than in 2001.

With an established film career, strides in her personal life and lucrative business deals, she is an entirely new woman. We are excited to see how this show fairs with viewers! We are always rooting for the Queen!


Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life (April 23)- MTV
The princess of partying will star in her own documentary series, premiering on MTV in April. The show, which includes The Hills’s Liz Gately as an executive producer, tracks the pop star’s personal and professional life as she creates her latest album Warrior.

Filmed by her brother, Lagan Serbert, the show will give Ke$ha fans a visceral and deep look into her life, and the party will start the second she walks in.

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