A Guide to Greek Intramurals

Intramurals is one of the many activities that Greek houses enjoy being involved in.

The games and matches give members of sororities and fraternities the opportunity to participate on exclusive teams that compete against other organizations on a college campus.

Not only is this a great way to bond with your teammates, but it’s a chance to advertise some positive P.R. for your chapter.

Make the competition a healthy one.

Competing against other organizations is exciting, but it’s important to keep it classy.

Shoving, trash talking and other unsportsmanlike conduct will not represent your chapter in a positive way.

It’s best to avoid this type of behavior because there’s also a good chance you could run into your opponents on campus!

Encourage who you’re playing with.

Bring your A-game by having a good attitude, dishing out compliments and respecting the officials. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving everything you’ve got on and off the court. You might even meet a couple of new friends while you’re at it.

Include everyone.

You’re not competing for a conference title! Intramural are supposed to be fun and leisurely so giving everyone an equal amount of playing time is crucial.

Supporting each other will enable you to work well together and a team that plays together stays together.

Show your team spirit.

Nothing intimidates quite like an awesome design on a good-looking t-shirt or uniform.

Divvy up some bright shoe laces or fun headbands to go with it and tell the entire house to cheer on the team with signs. Whether you win or lose, you’ll look good doing it!


While being undefeated or winning your league may make your sorority or fraternity well known, Greek intramurals aren’t about winning.

These fun activities are about taking a break to stay active and to represent your organization with dignity and class.

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