March Madness: Selection Sunday

Brackets have been announced and on Selection Sunday (and St. Patrick’s Day), we were graced with the bracket decisions.

The First Four games are the following:

Boise State v. La Salle

LIU Brooklyn v. James Madison

Middle Tennessee v. St. Mary’s (Cal.)

N.C. A&T v. Liberty

This first round will take place on March 19 and March 20.

As obsessed as the country has been with March Madness, it technically doesn’t start until March 19 and doesn’t end until Apr. 8, with the championship game being held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

But before we could even make it this far, we had to have the NCAA tournament.

As of Sunday, March 17, only four games remained for the tournament. The four games were:

Mississippi v. Florida (66-63),

Wisconsin v. Ohio State (43-50),

North Carolina v. Miami (77-87) and

VCU v. St. Louis (56-62)

A few conferences just finished up their championships on March 16, such as Oregon for Pacific 12 and Northwestern State for Southland. A few still had until March 17 for their championship games, such as Mississippi for the SEC or Ohio State (sadly) for the Big 10.

The days are dwindling between now and the Final Four games, which take place from April 6 to April 8. With that, all that is left is to fill out your brackets and see how you do in the standings.

Even the President will be filling out his bracket soon, so keep your eyes peeled for his picks and even if he didn’t do so well last year, I trust his judgment.

You can find all the upcoming games on the NCAA website along with more important dates, times and everything you could need!

You can also join the ESPN bracket challenge if you feel confident enough.

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