MLB Spring Training

The time has come for Major League Baseball Spring Training. For just a few short weeks before the start of the season, players nationwide are warming up in hopes of making it to the World Series.

Since 2010, teams have been meeting up in Arizona and Florida, 15 teams per states, to practice. Before then, training was held in multiple states and cities.

After last year’s win against the Tigers, the 2012 World Series winners, the San Francisco Giants, are ready for back-to-back wins. With 25-year-old Buster Posey, those hopes look promising.

The team has been training in Arizona with the Rangers and a few other good teams with the big players seem to all be in Florida. The Cardinals, the Yankees and the Nationals (who went very far last year, ok?) are spending their training weeks on the coast.

All the teams are obviously training their newest players, fitting them in the right spots and planning for a series win.

Opening night this year is on March 31 with the (beautiful) Texas Rangers playing against the Houston Astros in Houston.

If you want to look ahead to the big gleaming trophy at the end of the tunnel, we have until Sept. 29 when the regular season is over. Then, the World Series won’t begin until Oct. 23 but I know I’m already ready for the Rangers to win (it’s their year… I SWEAR).

ESPN has also an entire blog dedicated to MLB Spring Training so you can stay up to date with your favorite team up until opening day.

They even have a countdown to Opening Day! 21 days! 21 days! 21 days! Or by the time you’re reading this it could be 20…19…18…17…16…!

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