Hunter Boots: Are They Worth The Money?


Hunter boots were originally founded by an American entrepreneur as a form of reliable footwear for traveling through wet, muddy, or chemical areas. As years passed, the brand has evolved from practical rubber to a fashion statement.

Even though hunter boots were initially a symbol of British country life, now, college girls all over campus have equated it to a pair of Uggs—overpriced and misused.

On the Hunter website in the brand section, you will find that a lot of detailed planning goes into developing the popular boot. Most high-tech rubber and synthetic materials go into making up one pair. There is 28 different pieces that comprise one boot, not one pair.

So, why are college girls going crazy over spending $135 over these army boots? It is because of a loyalty to the brand. Even though there are more affordable rain boots available at other vendors, Hunter boots are still preferred.

When there is the slightest bit of rainfall, girls seem to seize the opportunity to wear them to class.

Buying a pair of Hunter rain boots because everyone in your sorority house owns one is not a smart purchase. Be an individual.

College girls are always matching their Hunter boots with their outfits. If you purchase a pair of bright red Hunters and wear it with PINK yoga pants and a sweatshirt, don’t do it again.

If you are spending that much money on a nice pair of booths, shouldn’t you wear them as if you spent that much on them? has some great tips on how to style your Hunter rain boots with jeans, leggings, or dresses.

If styled correctly, Hunter boots are fashionable. Next time when you put on those boots, try to think twice about whether you are dressing to individualize yourself or falling victim to being like everyone else.

Hunter boots like any other designer product are worth it if you utilize it to its fullest potential.


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