The Four Types of Professors

Every student knows that picking the right professor is just as important as picking the right class. Rate My Professor is one of the best resources for making this choice because it tells students what kind of teachers they have to choose from.

There will be an occasional overlap, but professors can essentially be boiled down into four categories.

1. The Difficult Teacher
They are old enough to be the students’ grandparents, but they still treat them like adults. Being experts in their field, they cover vast amounts of material with ease. Their teaching style is tedious, attendance is mandatory and the content of every lecture is crucial to doing well in class.

They are tough graders, but it will be easy to study for exams. If you are attentive in class, an avid note-taker, and have a desire to learn, this is the professor for you. Avoid if you’re looking for an easy A.

2. The Easy Teacher
They depend on class discussion to take up the time and rarely lecture. They’re friendly with students and enthusiastic about the subject matter, but they’re unorganized.

The material that these teachers cover isn’t difficult, and their exams and assignments are based on what you know, rather than what you’re taught. They provide study guides, answer sheets and extra credit. Avoid if you want to learn something.

3. The Frustrating Teacher
Whether they’re clueless or just cruel, their incompetence causes students to constantly worry about grades. Every lecture touches on a few points related to the assigned reading, so that when tests come around, students have no idea what to study.

Along with exams, they might dispense a lot of mandatory busy work, or only offer two weighty tests. The classes are confusing, studying is tricky and hard work rarely pays off. Avoid if possible.

4. The Perfect Teacher
They have the ideal combination of helpfulness, lenience, enthusiasm and knowledge. Their classes are entertaining and challenging without being useless or overwhelming.

They wish to inspire students rather than to drive them away, and they communicate with the class until every student understands the material. Hardworking students will not only do well, but will also learn a lot.

Bottom Line
Depending on the teacher, an entry level class may not be the cakewalk you expected; or, maybe, by choosing the 11 o’clock timeslot over the 8, you missed out on an easy A. Making an effort to find good professors and to avoid the bad ones is a vital step towards enriching your college experience.

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