NCAA Division I Baseball Overview

New seasons are beginning across the board, and NCAA Division I Baseball was one of them. The season started just a few weeks ago on Feb. 15.

Though the season is just beginning, teams are already starting to be ranked. According to the NCBWA poll on the NCAA website, the top ranked teams are North Carolina, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, LSU and Oregon State.

The season ends with the final game of the College World Series, which is held annually in Omaha, Nebraska at the TD Ameritrade Park. Last year’s champion was the University of Arizona Wildcats who beat the South Carolina Gamecocks.

However, the College World Series works a bit differently in the NCAA than the World Series in MLB. The College World Series consists of the eight remaining teams in the NCAA tournament.

But before the teams can get to the tournaments, the 31 conferences (I know, 31 is absurd) must end their season with their own tournaments and the winners of each conference tournament receive number one seeds and automatic invitations to the NCAA tournament. What an undertaking. I would hate to be the one in charge of all that business.

Right now, it seems that there is a tough fight for the top eight teams. As of Feb. 28, there were still 12 undefeated teams. T-WELVE.

According to ESPN, the records are as follows (so far): North Carolina (6-0), Oklahoma (9-0), Virginia (7-0), Cal State Fullerton (8-0), Miami (7-0), Florida State (7-0), VCU (5-0), Cal Poly (7-0), Creighton (3-0, they have had a lot of games canceled due to weather but they are technically undefeated), Oregon State (8-0), Mississippi State (11-0) and South Alabama (9-0). In addition, their top player picks and their “America’s All-Undefeated Team” are indicated there.

Being only three weeks into the season, the rankings and prospects don’t mean too much yet. But in a week, many teams will be starting their conference play and then it’ll be just a few short months until the tournament. The closer we get, the more definitive the picks for the College World Series will be.

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