Easy Ways To Make Money In College

Freebies that are worthwhile can be hard to come by and after your third or fourth one you start to realize that you need to have some spare money in your pocket to make college interesting.

There are a variety of ways to earn extra cash, but all worth the time and effort once that money is in your hand.

Get A Job
Many people already have prior work experience and once they enter college, they are bound to find work in a similar field. If you live in a large college town, finding a job can be difficult during the school year.

In order to better your odds, get in touch with your place of interest and find out if anyone will be graduating this semester or if jobs will open up over the summer. This way, you already have a foot in the door and know exactly when to apply.

Donate Plasma
Don’t have a fear of needles? Then donating plasma might be the quick money option for you. Many college students in need of spare cash flock to donation centers all over the country and for good reason.

You can go up to three times a week depending on the center and your pay goes up each time that week you donate. Make sure to have ID that has your social security number on it or they will not let you donate.

Check Your Psych Department
Depending on the psychology department at your school, you could sign up to take part in some of their experiments, nothing crazy, but they will pay you.

They can be selective on who they want to participate depending on the experiment, but its worth the time to check out their website or make a few phone calls to see if there is anything that you can take a part in.

You might get off easy by making a quick $20 for having a student ask you a few questions about yourself.

Start A Blog
If you like to write or take pictures, starting a blog may be the moneymaker for you. People put ads on their blogs to make money and maybe even get a kickback for the visits they’re responsible for.

This takes a little longer, but can easily be the most entertaining and if you gain popularity, it can make the most money. Sites like Tumblr, BlogSpot or WordPress make it easy to get started.

Ultimately, no matter what direction you choose to go to, make sure it leads to money and that it makes you happy because that’s the most important thing.

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