March Madness Preview

Every year, there comes a time when a specific madness settles over the country; March is upon us.

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship is fondly referred to as March Madness. The tournament occurs every spring with 68 college basketball teams duking it out for the 2013 National Championship.

The National Association of Basketball Coaches originally created the tournament in 1939. March Madness will begin on Tuesday, March 19-20 and will end on Monday, Apr. 8 with the final match.

One of the most popular parts of March Madness is the predictions.  Predicting the match-ups is so popular that even the President does it. Last year, President Obama attempted to predict the final seeds in his own bracket.

The First Four of March Madness, refers to the first four games played. Then, come the second and third rounds which will leave us with what is commonly referred to as the “Sweet Sixteen”. The remaining 16 teams will advance to the semifinals and those winners will go on to the finals, known as the “Elite Eight”.

Out of those games, the winning teams will emerge as the “Final Four”. The two remaining teams will play for the National Championship. Last year, the final game was number two seed Kansas against number one seed Kentucky and the final score was 67-59 Kentucky.

This year, we will see if Kentucky can hold their top spot. To buy tickets or find out more about where the games will all be held you can find everything on March Madness on the NCAA website.

According to the NCAA, for now, the top four teams, based on rankings by the NCAA men’s basketball RPI (Ratings Percentage Index), are Duke, Miami (Fl.), New Mexico and Florida.

Based on the website’s AP Poll, the top teams are Indiana, Miami (Fla.), Gonzaga and Michigan State. Right now, it’s still technically up in air. When the time comes, you can print your bracket from the ESPN website and fill out who you think will win.

This year is the 75th anniversary of March Madness and the Final Four will play in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Dome. Since it’s the 75th anniversary, you can also find 75 years of highlights and vote for your top 75 all-time players on the NCAA website.

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