DIY: Sorority Crafts

Looking to spruce up your sorority space or style?

Take a trip to the nearest craft store or glance around the house for objects in need of some glam. Then get creative with these cheap and easy crafts!

Patterned letters

Buy wooden letters from a craft store and go wild with acrylic paint! Zebra and leopard print patterns look adorable on bright colored walls.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere jewels, beads and ribbon which add a 3-D effect.

Glitter jars

Glass or plastic containers can be transformed into pretty holders for pens, pencils, and makeup brushes. All you need is glitter and a homemade mixture of glue and hot water.

After generously stroking the insides of the container with your mixture, pour in some glitter, screw on the top, and shake!

These also make great prayer and recipe jars to pass around at chapter meetings.

Headbands and hair bows

Put some variety into your hair routine and turn old hair accessories into sorority staples by using sharpies or glitter glue!

Simply draw on your Greek letters and you’ve got homemade accessories that are one-of-a-kind.

Bedazzled photo frames

Photo frames can go from boring to beautiful in seconds by using a hot glue gun.

Old buttons, ribbon, jewels, and beads make great additions to plain frames at a very low cost. Add your letters with glitter glue or card-stock cut-outs!

Photo strips

If you need some life to your walls, grab a strip of pretty ribbon and tape photos to it. It sounds simple but looks fabulous on empty wall space!

Display your most memorable sorority moments and depending on your preference, hang the ribbon vertically or horizontally.


You can liven up your space and style with homemade creations in no time, using just a couple of tools.

There’s no need to pay big bucks to have beautiful things because you can construct them yourself. This makes it easy to be Greek and chic!

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