The Head Injury Controversy

In the past year, there has been constant talk of the dangers of football, mainly the rising amount of concussions players are facing.

The NFL is facing a lot of flack over the possibility of not disclosing the long-term dangers of the game. But, the NHL has also been facing the problem of the fact that fighting is allowed in hockey.

According to The Boston Globe, the NFL converted or was supposed to convert to a new electronic health record system that was going to cut back on the number of players who played with concussions, based on the “The National Football League’s failure to do enough to prevent repeat head injuries and their lasting cognitive effects.”

The system would store medical records of players, and videotapes documenting the injury, in an online server that players and doctors could access nationwide.

According to recent studies, it does seem like these injuries are getting out of control. The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury research stated that football causes an average of nine deaths a year, and that’s across little-league to the NFL.

Another study showed that players have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and they were four times as likely to develop the disease.

The League is facing lawsuits from former players who claim the NFL didn’t disclose the long-term risks from repeated concussions.

Even if the NFL didn’t explicitly detail possible long-term problems, the players knew how dangerous the sport is. The league has been around since the 1920s and most of these players have been playing this game all their lives. They are ramming straight into each other and they’re claiming they didn’t know the dangers?

Hockey is another dangerous sport.. Though we don’t hear a lot about hockey injuries or concussions, it’s not because they don’t happen but, I think it’s because they aren’t as popular.

A study conducted during the 2011-2012 season, analyzed players across the men’s and women’s league and the amount of concussions that were found as well as the players that knowingly played on these concussions.

According to the New York Times, “The study is believed to be among the most comprehensive analyses of concussions in hockey, which has a rate of head trauma approaching that of football.”

The study found that over the season there were five concussions for men and six for women. They also discovered that the main reason players were playing on their concussions was that the coaches and trainers insisted they do and that they just “shake it off.”

According to the study, one coach was quoted saying, “Unless something is broken, I want them out playing.”

These players, across both sports, knew what they were getting when they signed up. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s theirs, for playing on concussions or maybe it’s the coaches fault for encouraging them to do so.

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