Roselyn’s Rules: Living With Friends vs. Strangers

When I started my last year of college, I was psyched to finally be able to live with two of my closest friends. With the exception of my semester abroad, I had always played roommate roulette, with less than satisfactory results.

Freshman year, one of my suite-mates spent almost all her time in the bathroom.  This combined with my other suite-mate who was a hot mess that she once threw up under the sink, practically forced me and the two girls I shared a triple with, to bond. That led us to decide that we should live together for our sophomore year.

Naively, I thought that everything would be fine. We had all already shared one room together, and nothing too weird had happened. Our new digs allowed all of us to have our space, but then, one of my roommates decided to get a pet rat. That would have been fine if I hadn’t come home to find it in my room.

Junior year, I had another triple. One of my roommates was in a sorority which meant that I’d go to bed and wake up to her voice in our room with five or six drunk biddies yelling at each other. As for my other roommate, I woke up to find her sobbing and watching YouTube videos of Angelina Jolie. When I asked her what was wrong, she replied, “She’s just so beautiful.”

So after all this, I was more than prepared to live with people I actually liked. When my other friends found out who my new roommates were, I received a slew of,  “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” looks.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I’m probably more suited to live alone but within walking distance of my friends. This year, I was treated to a bathroom covered in hair and the awkward soundtrack that is listening to your roommate have sex while you’re doing homework.

But no one has ever placed a rodent in my bedroom, or used all the toilet paper to remove makeup, or waited until the lights were out to ask me which airport was closest to our dorm.

Living with my best friends is convenient. I don’t even have to get out of bed to talk to them. Plus, someone is always willing to drink wine and watch Law & Order: SVU with me.

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