Seattle Strives to Bring Back the NBA

Everyone likes having a full batch of sports teams. In Dallas, we’ve got it all: soccer, football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Now, it seems like Seattle may be on their way.

Seattle has the Seattle Sounders (soccer), the Seahawks (football) and the Mariners (baseball). Now, it seems they may be getting their own men’s basketball team.

At the end of January, a Seattle group lead by investor Chris Hansen reached an agreement with the owners of the Sacramento Kings to buy 65 percent of the team.

It was bought at around $525 million and the new owners have filed for relocation from Sacramento, Calif. to Seattle, Wash. with the intent of having them moved by the next season. If they moved, the team would become the Seattle Sonics, according to ESPN.

Though the investment group may be facing a little trouble in the move, it seems that the Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson is rallying to keep the franchise in the city. He has even rounded up support from multiple investors and is ready to fight for it.

Johnson will be able to make his final pitch and presentation in April to attempt to keep the Kings where they are.

He received permission from NBA Commissioner David Stern to present a counter offer to the owners from buyers would intend on keeping the team in the California capital.

If the process gets this far, it is most likely the Seattle group will be able to go through with moving and renaming the team.

In order to move the team, the proposal has to go through committees to be looked over and the NBA board of governors to be approved.

According to ESPN, “The committee will report to the board of governors, which is expected to vote on both the sale and the proposed move at its meeting in mid-April. [NBA commissioner David] Stern said the relocation of the franchise requires a majority approval of the board of governors and the sale of the franchise would require a three-fourths majority.”

The Seattle Sonics were bought and moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 so there are major hopes for the NBA to return to Seattle. Plans for a new stadium have already been approved, valued at around $500 million.

When the team is moved though, they will have to play in Key Arena for a few years before the new arena is built.

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