Dealing With Bad Weather

Depending on where you live, you’ll definitely experience your fair share of weather-related obstacles when it comes to getting out the door for class.

In the winter, snowstorms and cold weather require a decent amount of thought going into your clothing selection before you leave for class in the morning.

During spring and summer, a rainstorm can hit and knock you off you’re A-game. The best way to deal with this is to plan far enough ahead of time.

Cold-fronts are extremely common in the fall when the weather is transitioning. It might be 70 and sunny one day, and the next day it’d be crazy to walk out the door without wearing a sweater and a pair of boots.

Be sure to check the weather report every night before you go to bed. This is the simplest way to prepare yourself for what the weather will be like the next day as you start to get ready. Double-check in the morning because sometimes predictions can be off, but overall, doing your research is key.

Always think about the long run.
If the temperature is going to be in the 40s in the morning and is supposed to warm up to 60s later in the afternoon, maybe wearing light layers will make it easier to adjust your clothing later in the day so you don’t have to go home and change. The last thing you want is to be dressed in a thick coat and fuzzy boots, sweating like never before when the high noon sun is blazing.

Look out for is the rain.
Even if it’s not raining when you leave for class in the morning, if there’s a 60% chance of rain when you’re due to walk back home, you probably want to bring an umbrella or raincoat along with you.

Though wardrobe is the most affected feature of dealing with strange weather patterns, it can also affect the plans you have for your day or the way you go about your activities. If you’re big into intramural sports, you might want to plan a movie night instead of the rained-out soccer game you were supposed to play in.

Don’t just assume you’ll be lying at the pool because it’s spring. You never know when an overcast day will roll in and ruin your plans. If sun is a necessary part of your activity, check the weather reports for cloud activity. Partly cloudy may be somewhat suitable for a day at the pool, but mostly cloudy isn’t.

At the end of the day, weather predictions are just that: predictions. Things are always subject to change, so keep it a thing to constantly check weather reports and roll with the punches.

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