Balancing You, School and Your Significant Other

A relationship can be one of the best things that happen to you. Sharing your life with another person is a very rewarding feeling and a majority of us just want to spend every second with that adorable face you can stop thing about.

But there is one problem: you’re in college and you have a schedule that could bring even the strongest students to their knees, begging for more personal time.

It may seem like you have bitten off more than you could possibly swallow, by adding another person to your life, but you can still fit them into your schedule and it won’t hinder much of your normal life.  Just like adding anything extra to your life, a relationship just requires time management and here is how you can do that.

Go To Class
Seems pretty obvious right? But, for many college students attending class is usually the first thing they get rid of when they are in a relationship, and they add in their boo into their schedule, to make up for lost time. But, if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in bed, missing valuable class time, while scrolling through Facebook or procrastinating through homework just to stay afloat in your classes.

Keep Your Weekdays Personal And Weekends Romantic
The weekdays should be spent going to class, doing your homework and spending some time doing things you enjoy. Too many hours spent hanging out during the week can hinder your schoolwork and your personal life.

If you spend too much time with your boyfriend or girlfriend during the week, you could end up losing time for yourself, which could cause you to resent your loved one because they are taking away something from you that for most of us is very valuable.

To solve this problem, you spend the majority of your time together as a couple on the weekends. Preferably in the afternoon and later, so that you can really utilize the daytime for any work you have to catch up on. You can use the weekend to schedule dates and do all the mushy things that couples love to do.

It’s understandable that you may want to see them during the week. You can relieve this itch by scheduling hangouts or lunches during a time when you both are free and on campus. That way, you can see them throughout the week while also making time for other things.

By implementing these strategies into your relationship, you will be able to walk out of college, not only with the GPA you can be proud of, but also someone who you can love for the rest of your life.

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