Getting Involved Without Having to Join Greek Life

People say that it’s difficult to have a social life outside of Greek Life. Even though the process of becoming acclimated to college life is different, one route is not harder to travel than the other.

If you choose to not participate in sorority or fraternity rush, fear not! There are other ways to get involved on campus and getting involved and it is the ultimate key to finding your place and making friends at school. Here are places you can start looking for organizations and also some things to keep in mind.

Activities Fair
All schools have activity fairs that showcase what other groups and clubs there are to be a part of. Put yourself out there and see if anything meets your interests. If you like to sing, find a music group to be a part of. If you’re a comedian, maybe there’s a comedy troupe for you to join. There is always something for everyone.

Community Service
In addition to specific interest groups, most universities will offer at least one community service organization. This is a great way to get out there and help your school and town, while making some friends along the way.

Be open and friendly.
Within any new group that you join, it’s your responsibility to introduce yourself to people and to start a conversation. Even though its scary, one of two things will most likely to happen: a person might be cordial but uninterested in talking to you, or you could have an easy conversation with someone that you have something in common with. If you find yourself in the former situation, remain polite and move on to another person. In the latter, exchange numbers and make plans to hang out at a later date and you just made a friend.

It’s okay to exploit the “friend of a friend” concept to a certain extent.
When a new friend introduces you to his or her other friends, don’t be afraid to build your own relationship with someone independent of your common “link” person. However, you don’t want to assume that you’re automatically a part of a group and you definitely don’t want to assume that you’re suddenly best friends with a handful of people you have met once or twice at a party. Be careful that you don’t neglect the “link” friend after they introduce you to other people. You don’t want to make it seem like you used them for the “in.”

Opportunities to make friends are everywhere. You just need to be willing to find them.

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