Beyonce at the Super Bowl: What to Expect


For many people, the Super Bowl is the most important night of the year. The NFC and AFC’s best teams are being pitted head-to-head in a grueling game of grime and gridirons. However, there are also many who tune in for the game’s spellbinding halftime show. This year, the NFL has found an act just as big and entertaining to fill Madonna’s shoes: Beyoncé Knowles.

With a catalog spanning from Say My Name and her Destiny’s Child days to Single Ladies to “Who Run the World” from her 2011 album 4, Knowles certainly has much room to play. However, what are we going to expect from the modern hip-hop diva? And more importantly, why her?

For the past twelve years, NFL executives have played it safe for many years, picking a genre of music that appeals to most football goers. However, in 2004, they took a risk by having Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake headline together. Their dance-pop, rap and wardrobe malfunction disaster caused the NFL to go back to playing it safe and sticking to rock. However, for the past two years, they decided to take a risk again. Beyoncé is not rock and roll by any means—and she’s not a safe choice either.

Furthermore, Beyoncé has a giant fan base, but not one that watches football religiously. This is a brilliant attempt to bring more eyeballs to the screen and boost ratings. With Beyoncé and Madonna last year, female and LGBT viewers will tune in. This is smart by drawing people in and exposing football connoisseurs to musical styles they may not frequently listen to.

So what are we to expect from her at the Super Bowl? Lots of dancing. She is known to outdo herself, and post-Blue Ivy she’s dying to the show the world she can still dance like it’s 2009. The question of whether or not Knowles will lip-synch is also pressing.

Whatever Knowles has in store, she will be fierce, fabulous, and, like she always is, flawless. Tune in Sunday, Feb. 3 for the big show!

Our dream Beyoncé Superbowl Halftime Show Set List:

  1. Dangerously in Love (feat. Jay-Z)
  2. Irreplaceable/If I Were A Boy Medley
  3. Who Run The World (with a live marching band)
  4. Love On Top
  5. Single Ladies

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