How to: Deal with sorority drama

Drama follows us out of high school and into the college world. This is especially true in a sorority.

The minute you think you’ve escaped the catty girls from gym class, you catch an earful of giggles coming from your pledge sisters in the next room.

Drama is inevitable, but there are a few ways to avoid it.

Don’t tell your sisters everything.

Although there are things you must share with your girls, don’t spill everything. Consider talking to your parents, siblings or an old friend from home.

It only takes one big mouth for your secrets to spiral out of control. Some things are better left unsaid.

Don’t gossip in the house.

House rumors are spread carefully but generously. A harsh comment that was mentioned over breakfast can rotate full-circle by dinnertime. Don’t be the girl responsible for it.

If you have something or someone to gossip about, at least wait until you’re out the door.

Make friendships outside of the sorority.

Don’t limit yourself to one group of friends.

Secrets get passed around and before you know it, you’re surrounded with loads of “he said, she said” drama that no one should have been blabbing about in the first place.

Cultivate relationships outside of your Greek realm and balance your circle of friends.

Steer clear of guy drama.

Men cause enough problems as it is, so why get a sister involved in the tousle? Whether it’s about your boyfriend, your brother, or the handsome houseboy working the late shift, drop it.

Girls get territorial when it comes to guys and they get emotional when it’s someone they care about. It’s best to stay away from these situations and romance an outside party.

Talk it out!

Girls are notorious for over-thinking and keeping things to themselves, making everyday sorority life a hell on earth.

Instead of obsessing over the things that bother you, take five minutes to squash the tension and discuss your feelings. Chances are, they have things they’re concerned about too.


Every time you are faced with sorority drama, remember the pledge you took when you were initiated into your chapter.

You made a promise to be the best sister you could be for the women around you, encouraging growth in life and love.

That bond means much more than a dumb rumor or a juicy secret!

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