Be the bigger “Big”- Ways to bond with your Little Sis

A busy semester can take over many parts of your life. Good grades, a social life and enough sleep are difficult to obtain all at once.

Those who are a part of Greek Life, however, must also put in time to be active in their chapters. In a sorority, this includes bonding with your little sister in your sorority’s Big Sis/Little Sis program.

It’s crucial to make time for this relationship because while you’re guiding this woman through the traditions of the sorority, you are also setting an example for her.

The actions you take in her first few months will stay with her forever and can make a huge impression of sisterhood, and how she chooses to carry it on.

It can be awkward breaking the ice but once you do, you’ll be opening up to a new support system, an unbreakable trust and quite possibly a new best friend.

Coffee date

You can catch up on your schedules, do a little studying, or chat up the cute guys at the next table. You’ll also learn exactly how your little sis likes her coffee so you can surprise her next time with an unexpected treat!

Studying at the library

Nothing says sisterhood like helping your “little” prepare for a big test. Go over her flash cards with her, or offer to edit her research paper. Sometimes encouragement is all a sister needs.

Dinner date

Go somewhere that serves her favorite type of food or somewhere you two are able to talk. She’ll go home with a full stomach and the reassurance that you are always there for her.

Attend sporting events

Show your school spirit by going to one together. Yelling chants and swaying with your Alma Mater will make you feel like a part of something, and the thrilling moments you will share cannot be matched.

Go all out and make team signs or t-shirts before the game. Go State!

Have a watch party!

Over the weekend, you’ll be catching up on your favorite TV episodes so why not invite your little sis over to watch with you? It should be complete with candy and popcorn.

Throw in some nail polish and face masks and you’ll have yourself one successful girl’s night in!


Whether you choose to do all these things or just one, the fact that you’re doing them together means more than anything.

It’s about the amount of effort you put in and how it makes her feel.

Sisterhood is an incredible gift that gives you the opportunity to share special bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime, so be the bigger “big” and take advantage of it!

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I'm a creative thinker living in Austin, Texas and a graduate from the College of Fine Arts & Communication at Texas State University. Design has always been a passion of mine. My family and I have traveled to many places all over the country and although it's one of my favorite hobbies, I can't last long being far from good tex-mex!

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