DIY: Feather Christmas Tree

One of the hottest Christmas decoration trends this year is the feather Christmas tree, and you can find it at Pier One or Target, but most college students can’t exactly afford those decorations and gifts. If you and your roommates still want to have the cutest decorations in the hall, you can make the Christmas trees yourself. This is a craft you can find on Pinterest or you can also go straight to the source and find the how-to on Martha Stewart’s website.

You can substitute the long, medium and short white turkey feathers for fun multicolored same length rainbow feathers. This is a cheaper and a more eclectic version of the original. Use Styrofoam cones as the base for the trees. Of course, put to use every crafters best friend, the hot glue gun. If you are lucky enough, you may even be able to find glitter glue sticks for your glue gun, which adds the perfect sparkly charm for the season.


1. Sort your feathers out from longest to shortest. The size didn’t vary as much as the Turkey feathers would have, but it is worth the tediousness. You can make a fun pattern or make the feathers in a rainbow.

2. Use the glue gun to glue the feather flat down onto the base of the Styrofoam tree. You can also use it to stick them into the Styrofoam. If you glue them flat down, the cone shape will be much easier to distinguish, but having the feathers stick straight out, is also another funky choice. After the first row, continue adding the feathers about an inch above the row before it.


3. After the entire cone is covered, look through the tree and add some depth with extra layers of feathers. At the tip of the tree, you can either leave it empty or you can decorate it with a star. Take two cutouts of a star or whichever shape you prefer, and cover both with glue and then cover the each entire star with glitter.

4. Take about a foot-long wire and glue the stars on each side of the top of the wire, and stick it onto the top of the Styrofoam tip. To continue with the “funky” vibe of your tree, you can use the extra feathers to make a little feather topper. All you have to do is to hot glue them down the opposite way at the top of the cone.

Now, you have your own original feather Christmas tree for your apartment, one that you can brag to your friends didn’t cost you thirty bucks. These are perfect for window sills, mantels, and centers for your tables.


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