Album Review: Green Day’s “¡Dos!”

Reviewer’s Rating: 4/5 stars

It’s that time again. Green Day has released the second installment of their album trilogy. ¡Dos! was released on Nov. 12.

The album starts out with a short and simplistic track called, “See You Tonight.”. It only features an electric guitar being played behind the harmonized vocals. It has a calm nature that almost seems like it’s tricking the listener into having a false idea of what is to come next.

¡Dos! focuses mainly on having a good time and partying all night. Various songs throughout the album including “Nightlife”, “See You Tonight,” and “Makeout Party,” all have titles that strongly suggest having fun on a night out and many songs on the album have lyrics that delve into this theme. In fact, this is one of the main differences between the first and the second album of the trilogy.

The song that demonstrates this best is “F*** Time,” which talks about what the title suggests. It seems as if this song is the peak of the entire album as the other songs focus on non-romantic relationships with women and just having a good time. The song says loud and proud that it is time to have sex right now with no shame or literary curtains to hide behind. It may be the most direct song the band has ever made. “Take a look it’s in my eyes / I wanna hold you ‘til you’re paralyzed”.

¡Dos! has some of the same elements as the first album in the trilogy, ¡Uno!. They both embrace the 90’s feeling of Green Day’s earliest records such as Nimrod and Dookie, and both albums feature the same Billie Joe Armstrong voice in the same style he’s been singing with since the beginning.

Universally, there isn’t much of a huge difference in between ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! All of the songs on this album sound very similar, almost to the point where if one wasn’t fully paying attention, the entire album could sound like one continuous track. Lyrically however, things completely change. ¡Dos! can definitely stand on its own merit in this category.

The lyrics are taken to a new level that hasn’t been heard from Green Day before but it is safely wrapped in a classical sound that might allow some fans to be ok with the raunchy lyrics. However, the band has never been one to shy away from curses and what may be considered “adult” material, so in a way, fans should be used to it by now.

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