Boots for the Fall Season

Here are some boots that are trending for the fall season!

Studded Boots


The studded trend has evolved with the weather and instead of showing up on loafers and ballerina flats, it has found its way to everyone’s favorite ankle boot. This new trend can be found on any sort of ankle boot, from your cowboy booty to the strapped motorcycle boot. Though this look is daring, it goes really well with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. But don’t pair them up with your other studded apparel and accessories. This overkill doesn’t make you look any more dangerous.

Knee High Motorcycle Boots


Last year, motorcycle boots became very popular with its rough and tough look that can be added to any girly outfit. Now, this year, these boots have grown to be over the knee. Wear these with a pair of black leggings, a black high-low chiffon blouse and maybe you can add a jewel-toned necklace to make it a great outfit for the daytime and the night time.

Animal Print Boots


If you are ready to commit to wearing an extreme pair of boots this fall, then don’t be scared to get a pair of animal-print cropped boot, especially if your wardrobe mainly consists of black and denim. These would look great with a casual Sunday outfit, including dark-washed denim or a lighter denim chambray. It it’s a gorgeous sunny fall day, add on a neutral-colored felt floppy hat.

Cropped Combat Boots


For a couple of years now, the cropped combat boot has dominated the shoe industry on a consistent basis. Pair these boots with a printed spring dress, a chunky neutral cardigan and opaque tights. This combination of hard, bright and soft colors and textures are great for fall afternoons. Wear these laced-up, very loosely when you wear them with jeans, so the bottoms of your pants don’t bulk at your ankles.

Riding Boots


Riding boots will never go or be out of style because they are the classic staple that every girl needs. Whether they are black, tan or grey, these boots as easy to throw on, with just about any outfit.

Classic Calf High-Heeled Boots


The classic heel boot, with a little adornment, is perfect for any fall or winter outing. It must be in every girl’s wardrobe alongside her riding boots. Take these boots and wear them with a pair of lace-patterned tights, a sweater dress and curl your hair for a nice chilly night out. If you have an important day at work or you’re doing a school presentation, these boots, complemented with a blazer, will make the leggings and a black tank top look professional. Add a gold pendant necklace and an over-sized gold bangle to complete the look.

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