Feature+Q&A with Karmaloop’s Founder Greg Selkoe

College students can rely on Karmaloop for all their clothing needs because of their constant promotions and sales for a multitude of unique and original brands with free shipping included for orders over $100. With brands like Vans and BB Dakota, Karmaloop certainly offers a diverse range and because most of the items are around 40 percent off, it is a remarkable site to get high quality clothing for a reasonable price. With brands like Vans and BB Dakota, Karmaloop certainly offers a diverse range.

Greg Selkoe the creator of Karmaloop, is an innovative owner and we were able to get a short interview with him.

University 101: What void in the fashion industry do you believe Karmaloop filled?

Greg Selkoe: We filled the void of the small boutiques and cool shops that aren’t in smaller towns or some suburban areas and we give people access to these brands all over the world. We are more than just a retailer – we are a lifestyle and content site and we have been from the beginning, so it’s more than the clothes. Karmaloop is the epicenter of verge culture.

U101: Recently, a Karmaloop application for both the iPhone and Android is available for download. What perks come with the new app?

GS: You can buy your awesome gear from anywhere your phone works. People can shop even if they’re not at home by a computer. We have tons of dope stuff on our apps for Karmaloop, Miss KL, and PLNDR. Check them out!

U101: Please explain exactly what the Rep team does for the website.

GS: Our Rep team is amazing and they help get the word out about Karmaloop and increase sales. They’re basically an arm of our marketing department. It started when the company was still really new and we didn’t have a real marketing budget. I would call all of our customers, ask them how they heard of us, what they thought of the whole Karmalooop experience, and asked them to tell their friends about us. It grew very organically from there.

U101: What is your foreseeable plan for the company?

GS: We just want to keep innovating and build on the awesome stuff we already have going on. I definitely want to keep growing it, expanding our customer base, and keep everyone looking fresh and well-dressed.

So, the next time you are in need of new clothes, whether for a new season or just to make yourself feel better, log into Karmaloop and check out their promotions and sale section. Don’t forget to follow @Selkoe and @Karmaloop on Twitter to be the first to know about new deals.


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