Show School Spirit in Style: Game Day Dresses

Football has always been a huge draw in large southern state colleges/universities with decade-long rivalries, local heroes and die-hard fans. Girls have always been among those die-hard fans who watch, cheer and root for their team and until recently, they wear the same outfits as their male counterparts.

For years, the only attire worn to football games was jerseys, t-shirts and sweatshirts supplied by the school store, but for most southern belles who watch their favorite men, sweatshirts and cut off shorts is not ideal. This led to one of the fastest growing trends across college campuses: the Game Day dress.

The dress usually includes your school colors, its names or its mascot embroidered on it. The trend grew from the South where girls took matters to their own hands and started making their own dresses and tank tops for games,  with how quickly this idea has taken off the northern campuses are soon to follow. For now, colleges such as Alabama University, LSU and any other Texas institution, see these dresses as the best way to show school spirit.

Sorority girls start the search for game day dresses the summer before, and they look for ones with the most unique and flattering style. Many football fans find their favorites online, in local boutiques, and some girls still make their own. As a true fan, you will probably want the appropriate accessories like headbands, cowboy boots, bracelets and even makeup bags.

Don’t forget that Game Day dresses are only appropriate to wear on the actual day of the game. Avoid looking like an over-eager freshman and don’t wear it the Monday before the game. But, do remember to pair it with a school-colored cardigan or blazer, a bow or headband and team arm candy such as bangles and bracelets.

Say goodbye to the days where blue jeans and a T-shirt were your college staples, and make room in your closet for the Game Day dress. Finally, you can be a fashionable fan while watching your favorite team win!

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