How to: Prepare for Recruitment

Do you know that you want to go out for Greek Life, but don’t know what to expect for recruitment? By asking several questions, you can successfully learn everything you need to know about each sorority.

Ask the sorority what their philanthropies are. You may be directly linked to one philanthropic cause, or you may just simply like one particular philanthropic cause more than another.

Ask about which events the sorority has each year, in order to raise money. You may be particularly intrigued by one event, or would love to come up with some new and fresh ideas for an event.

Make sure to ask about what it’s like to be in a sisterhood. You want to make sure it doesn’t seem too time consuming or something you’re not that interested in. When in doubt, you don’t have to continue the week of recruitment if it’s not something for you. And no worries, if your school load is too demanding and you need to miss a day, you can do so by meeting up with the girls in each sorority at a different time! Whatever reason you have, you have a way to get around it and be able to connect with all the girls in the organizations.

Greek Life is a great way to open up and discover who you truly are. College is such a large environment, and you, of course, want to make a stand and be part of something great. Recruitment and Greek Life can do this for you because you’ll discover great people who you may never have met otherwise!

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