Looking for Career Advice? Brazen Careerist Can Help

As young adults, we come in contact with the numerous types of mass media all the time. Everywhere you go, hundreds of advertisements compete against one another for your attention- billboards advertise the latest new phone or perfume, the radio emits jingles about the MOST AMAZING SALES EVER, and bookstores line their windows with posters of the newest books being released. When it comes to reading up on potential careers, this seems like it would make life easier- just walk into your nearest Borders, and you’ll find a whole display of recently released and highly popular career books, all with bright and shiny covers promising to help you follow your dream.

Contrary to making your life easy, though, this can make the search for an informative and interesting career book kind of overwhelming. Which ones do you actually stop and dedicate your time to? Which books are worth it?

There are hundreds of career advice books for sale, and even more career blogs and websites on the internet. Out of all the options, though, one particular career blog stands out above the competition. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Brazen Careerist Blog.

The Brazen Careerist is one career blog that won’t disappoint. It’s a blog written by a wide range of contributors, offering input from young, ambitious, thoughtful leaders to seasoned industry professionals… and everyone in-between. All of the bloggers are devoted to offering insightful career advice to anyone who seeks it- recent graduates, professionals looking for a career change, and universities hoping to connect students with alumni and potential employers. The site also offers online networking opportunities and highlights job fairs. It even has a section dedicated to professional education opportunities.

The Brazen Careerist blog has been up and running since March 2008, when it was started by writer and entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. Prior to starting the blog, she had successfully started two small companies, and gives her readers an opportunity to follow her personal achievements on her personal blog.

The Brazen Careerist is a valuable tool for multiple reasons. In addition to providing a central hub of valuable career advice and information, the blog offers great opportunities for recent college graduates to get involved without having to travel far distances for their services. The site is a strong advocate of online work, and is currently promoting a virtual event to connect top female talents in various industries with potential employers, called the “Women for Hire Online Career Fair: East Coast & Mid-Atlantic” event. It is set to happen Thursday, September 20th from 1-4pm EDT.

For those who still aren’t sure what they want to do career-wise, the blog is also hosting an interactive online event in October- the “Job Search Boot Camp”. The event will enable attendees to take a course on how to seek out job listings best suited to them, provided by popular blog Media Bistro. Depending on when you sign up, the course could cost as little as $79 for the month duration.

The site isn’t just for those already on the job hunt, though. Current college students can use the site to take advantage of valuable advice from industry and career coaching professionals on everything from exploring unique career paths to getting through that rough patch after graduation and behaving like a professional. Blog articles tend to be short and straight to the point, making the site easy to utilize for time-crunched college students. Students can even subscribe to the blog’s e-newsletters, making information even easier to access and seek out.

If anything, be sure to check out their twitter account:this blog could be just what you’re looking for.


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