Morning, or Evening Classes: That is the Question

It’s the ultimate debate that every college student must decide each semester: do I want to take morning classes, or evening classes? Some professors make the decision for you by only having one time for a class you need to take. But, for the ones with multiple sessions, choose wisely.

Take Morning Classes If…

You’re a morning person.
If you’re not afraid of the sound of your alarm clock going off in the morning and you love catching the breakfast line at your dining hall then morning classes are for you.

You have an evening job/job that requires free evenings and afternoons.
It’s probably a good idea for you to schedule your classes around your job if it’s in the evening–or vice versa.

You enjoy getting into a routine.
Usually students who start their day early in the mornings are used to working in a routine and having their schedules already laid out for them in their heads.

Pros to Taking Morning Classes:

  • You will feel refreshed and productive once you wake up and get done with your classes.
  • You will have more time in the afternoons for extra activities, homework, hanging out with friends, or napping.
  • You get them over with sooner.
  • You will get into a regular routine better than you would with evening classes.

Take Evening Classes If…

You are more alert and work better after getting plenty of sleep.
So basically, if you like to sleep in and feel that you honestly are more alert and prepared for class after those 10+ hours of sleep, maybe the later classes are your best bet. Evening classes are also better for you if you are still not used to having mom wake you up. Hey, it happens.

You are an non-traditional student.
If you already work a full-time job and/or have a family to take care of, evening classes are a great option for you. With an evening class schedule you can work your job in the daytime and even pick the kids up from school in time before class starts.

You have a free schedule all day.
If you aren’t involved on campus and don’t work then you’re a rare breed. Take advantage of your free time and schedule evening classes if you want. But hey, since you’ve got all day, you can maybe throw in a morning class or two in there too.

Pros to Taking Evening Classes:

  • You can work in the mornings on assignments or at a job before your classes start.
  • You get to sleep in, duh!
  • You miss the rush of students on campus.
  •  Your professors are more than likely going to be a little more laid back in the later classes.

So there’s the facts. Now, the decision is yours to make.


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