How to: Handle Criticism from Friends Outside of Greek Life

Everyone has seen some form of how stereotypically Greek life is portrayed in the media and possibly, in some real life situations. When you have friends who are unsupportive on rushing, it can put a damper on your excitement and future happiness but don’t let it get to you.

The truth is, there is probably little to nothing you can really say or do, that can change a skeptical friend’s attitude towards Greek life, but if it is coming between you and your friendship, that is when the issue becomes bigger in itself.

Be independent. Even if you are slightly curious, go through recruitment. If you find that the process is something that isn’t for you, then make your own decision on whether or not to continue. Through it all, no one is forcing you to do anything.

Going through recruitment my freshman year, I knew nothing about the chapter houses, let alone all of its names. I’ve dealt with a few friends who were judgmental along the way, but in the end, a few of them even ended up joining their sophomore year because they saw how much fun I was having in the sorority I was in.

For the most part, your friend is being judgmental probably because he/she is afraid of losing you and is worried that somehow, Greek life will change you and steal you away from him/her. If they are not able to support you in your decisions and want to kick you to the curb as a friend, then he/she was never your friend in the first place.

In the end, stand your ground. Remember that, if he/she is truly your friend, they will support your decisions and your happiness above anything.

About Kelsey Rzepecki (4 Articles)
20-something on that 8-5 by day, music blogger and show-goer by night.

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