New EP’s

An extended play, also known as EP, is an album that musicians release to their fans that does not contain enough songs to be considered a full length album, but is too short to be considered a single.

This summer, many bands and solo artists have been releasing EP’s.

Photo courtesy of iTunes

When the band, Hey Monday, decided to ‘take a break’, the lead singer Cassadee Pope released an EP as a solo artist. Her EP was released on May 22 and contains four songs titled “Original Love,” “Secondhand,” “I Guess We’re Cool,” and “Told You So.”

Photo courtesy of iTunes

We The Kings released their new EP, “Party, Fun, Love & Radio” on July 3. The EP is an extension of their latest album, “Sunshine State of Mind,” which was released last July. “Party, Fun, Love & Radio” features acoustic versions of their songs “Say You Like Me,” “Over You” and “The Secret to New York,” which were all off of “Sunshine State of Mind.” The EP also introduces a new song, with the same title of the album, as well as the acoustic version of the song.

Photo courtesy of iTunes

William Beckett, formerly of The Academy Is, released his second EP, “Winds Will Change” on July 17. The EP features four new songs titled “Great Night,” “Warriors,” “Scarlett (Tokyo),” and “Dig a Hole.” Beckett began creating solo EP’s shortly after The Academy Is decided to split up.

All of these EP’s, as well as EP’s by other artists, can be previewed and purchased on iTunes.


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