How To: Make the Most Out of Living in a Sorority House

Another year flies by and yet again, it’s another move-in day and this time, you and your other 30-40 sorority sisters are all living under one roof. Growing up with no sisters in my family, I think that a year of living in the sorority house made my experience in Greek life more positive. Just when your thoughts of being overwhelmed and downright scared for your sanity surpass, the feelings of excitement and true sisterhood trump them all.

Staying in the shadows and not being completely involved in my first year in the sorority, I ended up meeting my best friends by living in the house because we spent every waking moment together. As much as a pain it sounds having to share bathrooms, clothes and all sleeping in one room together, it brings you closer to people quickly.

My advice for those who are on the fence about living in their sorority houses for any reason at all would be to JUST DO IT. You will make countless memories and become close to people you never thought you would have. Through all the craziness and sometimes stressful moments, living in the house is what makes you realize why you are there in the first place; to become a stronger sisterhood.

I shared a room with two other girls, who I have never spoken to before moving in, and now I call them some of my best friends as we move on to our third year living together. Although it is impossible for everyone to get along, I learned that throughout all the troubles and frustrations, in the end, you are all sisters and that bond will never fade.

If you know that your campus or chapter doesn’t have an official house, I encourage you to be outgoing and reach out to different sisters to organize a get together. Anywhere from dinner, going to a local concert or just grabbing some coffee, the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in becoming closer as sisters and even finding your best friends.

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