Balancing Act: How to Juggle it All

I am stressed. I am stressed and my chin is breaking out.

Thanks, college.

As I write this article, I have seven different tabs open on my laptop, varying from study abroad programs to internships to academic societies. I. Want. To. Do. Everything.

Despite all of college’s glorious experiences, it contributes a substantial amount of stress to my life. As college students, we are afforded innumerable opportunities to pursue our passions: problem is, you, like myself, probably have a number of interests; and frankly, balancing all of it is a pain in the arse. But in this time of strain, I like to confer with my overachieving friends who also face similar hardships. I’ve compiled what seem to be the most practical tips.

1. Be Picky! We’re no longer in high school; no one cares if you’re in Future Business Leaders of America, the ecology club and the Pre-Med Society. Real talk: you’re likely not going to be a business eco-doctor (fairly confident that’s a made-up profession). College is our opportunity to immerse ourselves in what we’ll enjoy, as well as further ourselves professionally. Pass on the activities that won’t be beneficial or enjoyable, and pursue your passions without restraint.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan! If you haven’t checked out my last article concerning study abroad programs, I highly suggest assessing the pro’s and con’s I provided before making any decisions. As previously mentioned, study abroad programs can take up to a year out of your college career. That being said, a substantial amount of planning is required in order to take a proper course load and graduate on time. In short, just because the due date to apply for a study abroad program is only four months prior to the trip, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning five, six, even twelve months earlier. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and wasted time retaking courses that you unknowingly enrolled in prior to the trip.

3. Energy. That vague, vague noun refers to a number of ways to properly fuel your packed schedule: naps, caffeine, exercise—hell, go eat some salmon. The point is, even if you can narrow your schedule into something that resembles manageability, it simply won’t be possible if you don’t possess proper energy. Personally, my Keurig coffee machine and I have formed an irreplaceable bond this past year and I highly recommend you invest in one. On the contrary, exercising just makes me, well, tired. Concisely, there are many ways to adequately energize yourself, find the best method for you, and utilize said method for your remaining years in college.

I’d love to hear how you balance the hectic lifestyle that is college- please share your suggestions in the comments box so we can all graduate in one piece.


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