‘The Choice’ Premiere

Fox premiered its new show ‘The Choice’ this past Thursday, June 7.

‘The Choice’ is a twist on NBC’s hit show ‘The Voice’. In ‘The Voice’, four celebrity judges are facing the audience, and they turn their chairs around, based on the musical talent of the person who is auditioning. The person auditioning must convince the judges they are talented, without the judges seeing them.

Similarly, on ‘The Choice’ four celebrities sit facing the audience, and the contestant must convince the celebrities to turn their chairs around without seeing them. Even though this is similar, there is a twist. The contestants are not competing for a record deal, but for a chance to go on a date with one of the celebrities. The contestants only have 30 seconds to convince the celebrity why they should turn around.

Each celebrity is allowed to pick three potential dates. After their team of three is formed, they must go through the elimination rounds in order to pick their date for the night.

The first elimination round is a 15 second speed date; celebrities have 15 seconds with each potential date to ask them questions. The remaining two contestants are then asked one question, which both contestants must answer. After this round, the celebrity has to pick whom he/she has more chemistry with.

Cat Deeley is the host, however, the celebrities appearing on the show will change from week to week.

The premiere featured DJ Pauly D, sports star Jeremy Bloom, actor Jason Cook and musician Romeo.

Next weeks episode will feature musician Joe Jonas, Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott, radio host Mike Catherwood and actor Parker Young.

Although most of the celebrities appearing on the show are males, later in the season the roles will be reversed. Female celebrities will take the chairs, and male contestants will have to convince them to turn their chairs around.

‘The Choice’ will be on Fox every Thursday from 8:58-10:00 PM


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