What Not to Forget to Bring to College

You’ve been packing for weeks and have purchased a million new things so you feel fully prepared for your dorm life that lies ahead. From your cute new clothes to that amazing new bedspread, you think you’ve covered everything. However, little did you know, there are a few things you may have forgotten that especially come in handy when you go to school. What may seem miniscule could in fact be essential in your new life! I interviewed a bunch of my friends and there were a few items we all agreed we overlooked at first which were essential for dorm life. Here are the top 3 items you should pack so you don’t have to buy them at school.

  1. Tools. You’re moving in and there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. You’re bed needs to be raised so you can fit all of your necessities underneath, your desk may have a screw loose, and your new calculator has a battery compartment that is impossible to open without a screwdriver. You may not have considered it, but bringing tools is very handy. You will definitely need them to fix small things throughout the course of the school year. What is the sense of calling maintenance when you can just fix something simple yourself? Chances are that within the first week many other people on your floor will need tools as well. You can meet new people just by being that person who was smart enough to bring them along!
  2. Plug-in Air Freshener. Throughout the course of the school year, dorm life can get a little stinky, especially freshman year. Freshmen are typically placed in the oldest dormitories meaning that they might not have air conditioning or a bathroom in each room. You also might not have the opportunity to pick your roommates freshman year—who really knows about their sense of hygiene? This is why it is important to bring air freshener. There is no AC to blow the air around, you and your roommate are both sweating, the toilet across the hall breaks, and the smell starts to drift into your room. This tiny item will be most helpful.
  3. Shower Flip Flops. If you have communal bathrooms your first year, you should definitely bring flip-flops for your shower time. As I mentioned before, the challenge of college dormitory life is that no one knows about the nature of the people you are sharing with—who knows what they may do in the communal bathrooms? The things people left in the shower my freshman year were mind-boggling—things no one would never want to step on!

If you remember to pack these 3 things, you will have a much easier time adapting to dorm life.


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