Frat With Class: A Gentlemen’s Guide to Greek Life

College, especially fraternity life, can be a pretty fun place:

But beneath the parties, comes a lot of responsibility to yourself and to your brothers and that is to represent your fraternity fittingly. Movies show a funny, but unrealistic portrayal of Greek life. Don’t be fooled. The inner workings of a well run fraternity are serious business, so follow some general guidelines to become a model brother of your fraternity.

1. Character

The only thing that any worthwhile fraternity will ask of you, is to be a good person. It’s okay if you’re not a Rhodes Scholar or an All-American Athlete that spends every weekend at a homeless shelter. But there’s no excuse to be a person with poor character. This encompasses a lot of other categories (that we’ll touch on later). Just remember, that you represent all of your brothers every time you wear letters. Wear them proudly and properly.

2. Chivalry

Let’s agree on one important equation of college: no girls = no party. Besides booze, music and all other aspects of parties, the company of classy young ladies is by far, the most important. Realize this truth and embrace it. Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend or a one-night stand, your best resource will be the other sororities. Don’t be “that guy” who is a dick to girls (FYI: it doesnt work). Be respectful, be charming, be fun to hang out with and the girls will come flocking like doves.

3. Academics

The sweetest perk of your fraternity to brag about to your rushes is “Highest GPA”, because it’s something you can brag about to your rushes, your school and it’s a nice little resume boost. A fraternity is supposed to mold you into a model citizen, not just some crazy party animal. Most, if not all fraternities, have a minimum GPA requirement to remain active and never forget that college is also a school. Act accordingly.

4. Philanthropy

A fraternity is, in the end, a charitable organization. Your existence is supposedly for the benefit of those less fortunate. Doing charitable things really is a very fulfilling experience. In all seriousness, it will help you learn what is really important in the “real world”, and figure out what is important to you. It is something that has helped me in my life and career path tremendously, do not underestimate it.



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