Combining Bonding with Fitness

It’s not surprising that relationships tend to result in weight gain.  You’re eating out more, skipping the gym and spending more time just hanging out.  Though bonding is important, especially in the beginning of a relationship, there are ways you can stay active while grow closer to your partner.

Ride Bikes – Riding bicycles is a great way to have fun and burn calories.  If you don’t own a bike, many cities have rental options.  Cycle through the park, bond over how badly that giant hill sucked, and stop for some frozen yogurt.  As well as alleviating the pressure to talk for an entire two hours, your partner will respect your willingness to get a little sweaty in his or her presence.

Laser Tag ­– There’s nothing like an adrenaline pumping game of laser tag to get sparks flying.  Don’t like competing against your lover?  Play with other people, so you can stay on the same team.

Swimming – Swimming is not only a great exercise, but it is also a perfect opportunity to show off your hot bod.  If you think you’re going to get bored just treading water with each other, throw in a beach ball and play a few games.  Side perk: no sweating.

Try a Goofy Workout Video Together – A willingness to look silly in front of your partner shows that you’re comfortable with yourself.  If you’re both into hard core exercise, try a workout video like Insanity.  It’s tough—simply making it through this plyometric Hell together will provide you two with a shared memory.  If you’re not in shape or don’t want to try something as extreme, Netflix a goofy workout video.  It will spice up your normal exercise routine and entertain the time away.

Turn it into a Crawl – If your shared passion for food or drink is what keeps the sparks alive, turn your outings into a crawl for some simple, extra exercise.  Hungry?  Don’t eat your meal in one place.  Walk to one restaurant to split an appetizer, and walk somewhere else to split a main course.  You can do this with drinks, art, anything.  Beyond burning calories, turning dates into crawls helps you both explore your city and make memories out of ordinary activities.

Next time you’re considering popping in a movie, think about the ways you can bond actively.  Release the endorphins, share the laughs and fight the relationship fluff (the fatty kind).

About Jenna Haines (9 Articles)
Jenna Haines is a writer, editor, and communications specialist based in the south. For fun, she writes about health, fitness, travel, life, and brunch. Jenna's professional work has appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Men’s Fitness, CityScope, HealthScope, and Holly Pinafore. She is also the founder of Chattanooga Brunches, the #1 brunch directory in the scenic city. Jenna studied journalism and psychology at New York University, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2013.

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