Love or Lust??

People say that the first four months of any relationship are considered lust or “puppy love.” If you still have strong feelings for your significant other after the first four months then it is said to be more than just a crush—you must be in love. While this may or may not be true for every couple, there are several traits in a relationship that constitute love, whether it be four months or a year.

Your partner’s frustration with or disappointment in you makes you feel sick to your stomach. Seeing them unhappy makes you feel like the worst person on earth. How could you possibly live with yourself making this person feel so badly? Knowing that your partner is upset with you is the most horrible feeling. You want to do anything you can to make things right so that your companion will once again look at you with happiness in their eyes. This ultimate feeling in your stomach is incomparable, which is why only those who are truly and deeply in love feel this way.

You don’t ever grow tired of your significant other. As normal human beings, we also have the tendency to get sick of people after being in their company for too long. It is not that we don’t care about them, but rather need a change of atmosphere after seeing a person so frequently. However, this should not apply to those in love. In fact, this is most likely one of the only people, if not the only person, whom you can never get sick of. You don’t mind spending time with them because you cherish any time spent with them more than anything in the world. If you could, you would spend every day of your life with this person for the rest of your life.

You can never get your lover out of your mind. This could not be any truer. When you love someone, you wake up thinking about him and go to sleep doing just the same. Throughout the course of the day, you wonder what he’s doing and are hoping that he is having a good day. You can’t help smiling when his face pops into your head. Just the thought of him can make a bad day get better.

If these symptoms apply to you, then you can probably categorize yourself as no longer crushing—you are actually in love. Although there are many signs of love, and everyone experiences love in different ways, these are three key elements that any person who is in love share.


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