American Idol Season Finale

The 11th season of American Idol has officially named its winner, Phillip Phillips. Phillips is from Leesburg, Georgia and he is not only a singer, but a songwriter as well. He is 21 years old.

Phillips was able to not only succeed throughout the 11th season of American Idol, but also win the entire competition, even though he was suffering from a kidney disease.

There have been rumors that Phillips had to have an emergency surgery after the semi-finals, but that has not yet been confirmed. Phillips has however confirmed that he has been struggling with his right kidney.

The two-night finale was held this past Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday May 23rd.  The runner up, Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips performed for their chance to be named the American Idol on Tuesday night; the winner was then announced on Wednesday night.

Jessica Sanchez, is only 16 years old and from San Diego, California.

Both artists had previously auditioned for another popular show, Americas Got Talent. Ironically, Sanchez made it on to the show, but Phillips did not make it past the auditions.

The American Idol season finale included songs that the judges picked, as well as songs that the final two performers picked. Both performers also sang a coronation song.

Phillip Phillips sang, “Home” as his coronation song and Jessica Sanchez sang “Change Nothing” for her coronation song. Even though Sanchez sang “Change Nothing” well, it was agreed upon the judges that it might not have been the best song choice for her.

The finale also included celebrity performances by Rihanna, Neil Diamond, and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

If you think you have what it takes to be on American Idol, auditions will start in June for season 12. Auditions will take place in Los Angeles, California; San Antonio, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Newark, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; New Orleans, Louisiana and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


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