Fad Diets Review

If you’re starting to worry about your weight, you probably have already noticed that there are a billion diets out there—from cookie diets to cabbage cleanses.  Read the low-down on some of these quick fixes before you clean out your pantry.

7-Day Detox – This detox diet requires the elimination of all foods on the first day.  Instead of solid foods, you drink juices (un-processed) and broths.  The next six days involve the gradual reintroduction of different food groups.  On the second day, for example, you are permitted to snack on fruits.  On the third day, you can consume raw vegetables for lunch and dinner.  You are never allowed to drink caffeine or alcohol.

While some detox diets are designed to test for food sensitivities, this 7-day detox is simply a weight loss quick start.  However, because of the deprivation you, the dieter, will undergo, backlash to this diet is inevitable.  Since your metabolism will have slowed during the deprivation process, surplus weight gain is possible.  During the diet itself, you may lose some weight, but don’t count on this detox for long-term results.

South Beach Diet – This diet walks the line between mere healthful eating and a fad diet.  Due to its popularity, however, it is often grouped in the fad diet category.  South Beach Diet is split into three phases.  The first phase is the most difficult and only lasts two weeks, while the third is designed as a lifestyle.  During Phase 1, you eliminate most carbohydrates (bread, rice, chips, etc.) and surplus sugars (sugar, fruits, honey, etc.).  The idea is to eliminate your cravings for such items and quick start the weight loss process.  Phase 2 limitedly permits the reintroduction of these carbohydrates and sugars.  You remain in this phase until you reach your ideal weight.  Phase 3 is not really a diet at all.  It is mere mindful eating.  You can stay in this phase forever or return to any point in the cycle.

The South Beach Diet is fairly manageable, especially if you can make it through the first phase.  Though you may feel a little sluggish in the beginning, your body adjusts.  The key to this diet, however, is following the instructions.  If you are intermittently slipping up during Phase 1, you won’t have primed yourself correctly for Phase 2.

Grapefruit Diet – This diet recommends grapefruit in conjunction with high-fat foods as a means of weight loss.  For breakfast, you eat grapefruit with eggs and bacon.  For lunch, you eat grapefruit with meat (any kind) and salad (any kind of dressing).  For dinner, you eat grapefruit with meat and vegetables (cooked in butter).  This diet is very similar (sometimes identical) to the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan.

This diet is very unwise.  Firstly, grapefruits alone, though they may have some weight loss properties, cannot mold your body into tip-top shape.  Grapefruits also are known to react with different kinds of medication.  Secondly, these high-fat foods you’re consuming are not healthful for your body.  Most people know bacon and butter aren’t healthful on their own, so how could adding a piece of fruit reverse this?  If you lose weight on this diet, it is because of the calorie cutback, not nutritious content.  And like many fad diets, the weight loss is temporary.

About Jenna Haines (9 Articles)
Jenna Haines is a writer, editor, and communications specialist based in the south. For fun, she writes about health, fitness, travel, life, and brunch. Jenna's professional work has appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Men’s Fitness, CityScope, HealthScope, and Holly Pinafore. She is also the founder of Chattanooga Brunches, the #1 brunch directory in the scenic city. Jenna studied journalism and psychology at New York University, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2013.

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