Fitness for Free

While at school, you probably have free gym facilities. There is nothing better than simply flashing your student ID and walking right in, not having to worry about a monthly payment plan. Now that summer is here, things are a bit different. You’ve most likely returned home and now it is going to cost a pretty penny to join a gym. How can you get a good workout without raiding your wallet?

It’s a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining, and there is a light breeze: the perfect weather for an outdoor workout. However, people tend to disregard what should be the most obvious resource for exercise: going outside! Running on a flat sidewalk can do the job of the treadmill and hills provide a great workout for your quads and gluteus, just as the elliptical does. Even taking your bicycle out can do just the same as the bikes at the gym. These outdoor activities are a great way to boost your cardio and provide a much more scenic route than any machine in a gym.

Although it may sound silly, textbooks make great substitutes for weights. No, I’m not saying you should bench press your biology book—I don’t exactly think that will do the job. I’m talking about small weights. When it rained throughout the course of the school year, my roommates and I were too lazy walk across campus in the bad weather to go to the gym. Instead, we’d often work our abs while holding textbooks as we twisted from side to side. Textbooks make good substitutes for five pound weights and get the job done just the same.

YouTube is also a great resource for working out. Instead of paying for a personal trainer at the gym or purchasing a variety of fitness DVDs, the Internet is free and provides a plethora of exercise routines to choose from. You can easily find a new workout video for each day of the week that targets different parts of the body. With this resource, you can easily work out in the comfort of your own home and can expand your workout in ways that you didn’t even know were possible.

The gym is obviously a very useful facility when it comes to working out, but it is not the only way to stay in shape. Although the gym has its upshots, there are several ways you can still get the same type of exercise without having to endure the burden of gym payments. You live in a world with an outstanding number of resources; you only need to realize that they surround you!


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