June CD Releases

June 2012 is going to be a very popular time for musicians to release new music. Whether you are a fan of pop, r&b, rock, or any other genre of music, you’ll be able to find a new album to listen to. New albums are typically released on Tuesdays throughout the month. Although this list is far from complete, it is a sample of some of the new music you will find this June.

Photo courtesy/therocketsummer.com

June 5th – The Rocket Summer: Life Will Write the Words
The Rocket Summer is about to go on tour to promote their new album, Life Will Write the Words. The tour starts May 31st in Seattle, Washington and features opening acts: The Scene Aesthetic and States.

Photo courtesy/ Amazon.com

June 12th – Usher: Looking 4 Myself
Although Usher’s new album Looking 4 Myself is not available until June 12th, he currently has two singles from the album available on iTunes.

Photo courtesy/ Amazon.com

June 12th – Motion City Soundtrack: Go
Motion City Soundtrack is currently promoting their new album in the United Kingdom until May 29th. After their tour in the United Kingdom is complete they will begin touring the United States – starting June 14th – in San Diego, California.

Photo courtesy/ Amazon.com

June 19th – Justin Bieber: Believe
Justin Bieber’s new album Believe can be preordered on his website, justinbiebermusic.com. He is offering his fans different CD bundle’s that they can choose from, which includes a fan mosaic. The fan mosaic is a mosaic created out of pictures sent in by Justin Bieber fans.

Photo courtesy/ Amazon.com

June 26th – Linkin Park: Living Things
Linkin Park will be joining forces with Incubus this summer for the annual Honda Civic Tour. The first single from their new album, Living Things, is currently available on iTunes.

Photo courtesy/ Amazon.com

June 26th – Maroon 5: Overexposed
Similarly to Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 is offering numerous packages on their website, maroon5.com, which their fans can choose to pre-order. In addition to getting Maroon 5’s newest album, Overexposed, you can order the 10th anniversary edition of their album Stories About Jane. Their single “Payphone” off of their new album is currently number 3 on iTunes top songs.


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