Myths of Greek Life

Fearful of joining Greek Life because of the gossip you hear around campus? Did you watch the film “Animal House” and think that people in fraternities have poor grade point averages and only party? Contrary to popular belief, sororities and fraternities aren’t as depicted on television shows, movies, and hearsay.

Myths of Greek Life:

Number 1: You pay for friends

As a member of Greek Life, you will have to pay dues every semester to support your philanthropies and to have events to support these philanthropies. You’re not paying for friends; the friends are just an added bonus! I joined a sorority because of my sorority’s philanthropies, and I wanted to find a way to give back. Many times, you will get clothing and other items with the money you pay each semester.

Number 2: People in Greek Life are snobby

People in Greek Life are quite the opposite. Being in Greek Life, for the most part, means that you care about donating and charitable causes. Some people believe that people in Greek Life think they are superior; however, this is not true. We are raising money constantly and doing whatever we can to give back.

Number 3: People in Greek Life have to party

There is no obligation or rule stating that you must socialize and party in order to be accepted in Greek Life. In fact, my sorority frowns upon public drunkenness for we are classy and want to show ourselves as such. Many people in Greek Life do not drink, and nobody judges them for this decision. Many sororities/fraternities looks down on drinking in letters.

Number 4: You will have no free time/time to join other organizations

Definitely not true. Many people in Greek Life maintain jobs, internships, and positions in other organizations and have no hard time balancing everything. Most of the time, you will probably have one meeting once a week for an hour or so discussing future events. Other than that, unless you have a position, you probably won’t need to dedicate your time to that. If you dedicate your time to some kind of organization, it’s going to take up some of your time, but it’s all about time management.

Number 5: Your grades will slip if you join Greek Life

You need a certain GPA to stay in Greek Life, which is a 2.5 of higher at most schools. Some sororities/fraternities require at least a 3.0. If your GPA is lower, you will be put on academic probation and may be asked to leave the organization if you fail to improve your academics.

There are many benefits to joining Greek Life, so don’t let the rumors get to you!


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