10 Things to Leave at Home Before Move In

It’s the week before move-in day and you’re looking around your bedroom trying to decide what to leave and what you simply can’t live without during your first year of college. The easiest choice would be to take everything, but unfortunately, regardless of the mode of transportation you use, there isn’t room for it all. So, before you go rummaging around for lava lamps and your favorite stuffed animals, take a few minutes to review this list of things your dorm room doesn’t need.

1.    Ironing Board. 

Realistically, you’ll probably never use one. It’s a pain to iron clothes in the first place, and they become ruined nearly the second your clothes begin to wrinkle. Instead, learn how to fold clothes properly.

2.    An Expensive Area Rug

It’s safe to say that this will be completely ruined by the end of the school year and not worth the money.

3.    Stereo

All it takes to get some noise complaints from others in your hall is an iPod speaker or a computer. Anything bigger will only take up space.

4.    Expensive Electronics

Sure, it’d be nice to have a new plasma or LCD television, but it won’t be so nice if and when it gets stolen or damaged.

5.    Nonessential Furniture

The floor lamp, the lounge chair or any other piece of trendy furniture may look great in the store, but it will take up a large amount of room in your dorm. Most dorms provide chairs, so hold off on buying things you really don’t need.

6.    Knickknacks

If you’ve been collecting porcelain dolls or action figures since you were young, there’s no space for them in your new and mature stage of life.

7.    A Trunk

Trunks were definitely cool back in the day, but they no longer really serve a purpose, especially with the space-saving storage items that are available now.

8.    Clothes You Never Wear

They may look great on the rack, but all they’ll do is take up space in your closet that could be used for new clothes.

9.    Coffeemaker and Other Small Appliances

You may have to have your fresh cup of coffee every morning, but you should check what is available at the dining hall first.

10. Exercise Equipment

The campus gym is there for a reason, and you should use it. No need to pack your room with anything larger than a yoga mat.




About Danielle Lawrence (10 Articles)
Hi I’m Danielle Lawrence! I’m an upcoming junior at UF who is pursuing a degree in journalism. Growing up, my hobbies were dancing, cheerleading and playing the piano, but I’ve always had a knack for fashion. Every time I step out the door, I remember it’s important to look my best, but more importantly to stay true to myself.

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