Bamboozle 2012 Survival Guide

The Bamboozle festival is coming up this weekend, and even though it’s a lot of fun, it can be overwhelming for newcomers. The festival, which has been held in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the past few years, has been moved to Asbury Park, New Jersey this year.

The festival will span from Friday evening until Sunday night.  Whether you are staying overnight, traveling back and fourth, or only going for a day, there are some tips that you should know beforehand.

TIP 1: THE FESTIVAL IS RAIN OR SHINE: If you are coming from out of town, make sure you pack for any weather condition! It could be pouring one day, and hot & sunny the next so don’t forget to pack your rain gear, as well as suntan lotion and sunglasses.

TIP 2: STAY HYDRATED: The festival allows you to bring in one bottle of factory sealed water. Unfortunately, you can’t bring in any more than that. Make sure you either buy bottled water, or take advantage of the free water tank (assuming they still have it this year). So many people forget to stay hydrated at the festival, which is very important. If you get sick, you and your friends can’t enjoy all of the bands you came to see!

TIP 3: PRINT A MAP:If you go onto you can print a map of the festival before you even leave your house. This might not seem necessary, but once you get there you will be happy you have it. There are seven stages, numerous clothing/food vendors, restrooms, etc. so it helps if you know where to go.

TIP 4: CHECK TWITTER: If you want to meet your favorite band, stay up-to-date with Twitter. Often band members will post on their Twitter that they are going to hang out at their merch table for a while. This is a great time to go talk to them/ask for a picture!

TIP 5: CHECK OUT NEW BANDS: If none of the bands you came to see are performing, go check out a band you’ve never listened to. The Bamboozle festival is all about experiencing the music you love, as well as finding new music to enjoy.

TIP 6: MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN: This is the 10th year the festival has been around, and the creators always come up with new ways to make the weekend very memorable.


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