Spicing up Your Workout

Are you not stimulated by your workouts? Has your weight loss plateaued?  Before you give up and completely reconsider your fitness regimen, try to add a little seasoning to your current activities.

Spicing up your workout requires little to no extra time.  Here are a few examples of how you can add some extra oomph to basic exercises:


Try including isometric isolations into your run.  If you’re curious about what an isometric isolation is, just reflect on your flexed poses in the mirror in the gym’s locker room.  An isolation is a contraction caused by the tug-o’-war between two different muscle groups.  You can work your biceps, for instance, by performing what looks like a bicep curl with self-imposed resistance.  As you curl towards your body, you enforce downward pressure on your forearm.  As you unroll the curl, you enforce upward pressure on your bicep.  You can perform this kind of tool-less exercise with many other muscle groups.

If you are running outside, try breaking up your run with occasional toning exercises and sprints.  Every five minutes, stop on a patch of grass and drop for twenty, varying push-ups with sit-ups, or sprint for a minute-and-a-half.  Circle through all three exercises, and you will have completed 40 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and three solid minutes of sprinting by the end of your 30-minute jog.


Feel free to spice up your strength regimen, as well.  If banging out push-ups at the gym doesn’t seem to be improving your strength, slow it down for an excruciating burn.  Get into the plank position and lower yourself down into a full push-up at the count of five.  Once your chest is barely above the floor, lift yourself up—again, at the count of five.

If you want to add some abdomen pizzazz to this exercise, slowly reach one arm horizontally up while in the plank position and point it towards the sky, palm facing out.  Repeat on the other side before performing your push-up.  This balancing act will put pressure on your core and help whittle down your physique.

As well as working different muscle groups, spicing up your workout keeps your body on its toes and helps you break through plateaus.  So the next time the scale stops budging, try a few of these tricks or create your own add-ons.  You don’t want your fitness to be like the treadmill you’re running on—heading nowhere.

About Jenna Haines (9 Articles)
Jenna Haines is a writer, editor, and communications specialist based in the south. For fun, she writes about health, fitness, travel, life, and brunch. Jenna's professional work has appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Men’s Fitness, CityScope, HealthScope, and Holly Pinafore. She is also the founder of Chattanooga Brunches, the #1 brunch directory in the scenic city. Jenna studied journalism and psychology at New York University, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2013.

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