How to Make a Tiny Dorm Room Feel (More) Spacious

If your room selection didn’t go well or if you are living in an urban city dorm, feelings of claustrophobia are inevitable.  Before you panic, here are some tips on how to manage your room as to circumvent this square feet dilemma.

  1. Leave it at home – The more stuff you put in a room, the less space you have.  Now this may sound a little obvious, but many college students, especially freshmen, tend to forget this fact.  You don’t need to bring snacks.  If you live in an area as crowded as to make you feel claustrophobic, you have access to a convenience or grocery store.  Secondly, you don’t need to bring any furniture.  The dorm, unless you are told otherwise, will provide all the necessary furniture.  Extra desks and lamps are only going to get in the way.  You don’t need to bring extra books either; it may be in your best interest to catch up on the unfinished readings of senior year summer. However, if you didn’t have time to finish them then, you probably don’t have tine to finish them now, since you are busier than ever as a college student.  College is not a slumber party, and it will only be a matter of time before you wish you could get rid of your books.
  2. Don’t over-decorate – Although it is nice to decorate your dorm room to express your passions and rekindle memories, be wary of over doing it.  As mentioned in tip #1, the more you put up on your walls and shelves, the smaller your room will seem.  This applies specifically for dark-colored decorations, so if you plan on decorating, remember to keep it light (both in substance and color).
  3. Utilize your tools – Imagine a room with laundry and shoes scattered across the floor and papers spewed all over the desk.  Hyperventilating yet?  An easy way to prevent this mess and further open up your dorm room is to invest in a few simple tools: a laundry basket (not transparent) and an over-the-door shoe rack and folders.  There’s nothing like gathering (or hiding) your dirty clothes, keeping your shoes off the floor, and organizing papers on your desk, especially if you’re having guests over.
  4. Peek-a-boo – Did you know mirrors can help your room look larger?  Invest in a few of these, and your dorm room, from reflection to reflection, will look twice as big.  Not to mention, having a full-length mirror is always useful when you’re getting ready to go out.

Having a roommate can always complicate the décor of a room, particularly if the roommate is messy.  If you run into this problem, simply explain why you want to make the changes in advance.  Chances are, the roommate will appreciate more room to breathe as well.

About Jenna Haines (9 Articles)
Jenna Haines is a writer, editor, and communications specialist based in the south. For fun, she writes about health, fitness, travel, life, and brunch. Jenna's professional work has appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Men’s Fitness, CityScope, HealthScope, and Holly Pinafore. She is also the founder of Chattanooga Brunches, the #1 brunch directory in the scenic city. Jenna studied journalism and psychology at New York University, where she graduated Cum Laude in 2013.

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